About Us

Childnese offers an immersive environment for teaching children Chinese language skills. Students work together in groups of peers, similar in age and ability. Our teaching method employs the spiral approach where the basics are taught first and constantly reinforced, while new material is introduced as learning progresses. Programs are designed to emphasize learning through each of the senses, motivating students’ passion to communicate naturally. Classes are small to enhance individual attention.

About Peiling Liu

Peiling Liu is an alumni from the Teachers College of Columbia University, and has been teaching Mandarin Chinese for fifteen years. She specializes in teaching young children with no prior exposure to Chinese. Peiling has a wide variety of education experience, having taught at Northern Westchester Chinese School, Pound Ridge Elementary School, ThistleWaithe Learning Center and various private groups of children adopted from China. She now puts all her energy and focus into Childnese, and growing it to be a more relatable and stronger program for children

About Koo Ellen Chang

Koo Ellen Chang grew up in Taiwan and is an alumni from Ming Chuan College, Taipei. For 16 years, Ellen held a full time position at Montessori Children Center in White plains. From these 16 years of experience, Ellen’s teaching style focuses strongly on creativity and individual encouragement, very much like the spirit of Childnese. Ellen was also a first and second grade teacher at Westchester Chinese School for 6 years. In addition, she serves as a private Chinese language tutor for children of various ages. Ellen has gained a lot of teaching expertise from her experiences in both children education and Chinese language art.

 About Chia-Chi Chang

Chia-Chi Chang grew up in Taiwan and is an alumni from National Taipei University. She also has an MBA from Clark University. Chia-Chi has been teaching Mandarin to young children at Mencius Mandarin Preschool in CT since 2015, and has taught in their summer program in 2013 and 2014. She is also a second grade teacher in Northern Westchester Chinese School.  Chia-Chi focuses on creative ways to teach Chinese through reading stories, singing, playing games, and making arts and crafts. She always  teaches with encouragement and focuses on individual engagement.

About Sinrong Chen 

Sinrong Chen graduated from the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Chinese art. She studied under Professor Chang, Ching Chin (張清治),Professor Au, Ho-Nien (歐豪年) and Professor Sun, Chia-Chin (孫家勤) at the Chinese Culture University. Sinrong also has over 10 years of experience teaching painting and Chinese calligraphy to children ages 5 to 18 and adult. Her painting and calligraphy class is loved by the children, and they always want to stay after it’s over.

About Yingying Song 

Yingying Song grew up in Mainland China and moved to the United States in 2016. She majored in marketing at college. After graduating, she worked in the marketing department of multinational companies such as Yum!,Roche etc. for 15 years. She is interested in Chinese history and traditional culture, pays very close attention to children’s education, and is patient and responsible with children. she always encourages interest among children in learning about Chinese culture, laying a stronger foundation for Chinese speaking, reading, and writing.