My 10-year-old son has been taking classes with Peiling Liu of Childnese now for three years. I am amazed at the speed with which he is picking up the language and his love of learning it. He generally tends to complain about doing his regular homework but he loves doing his Chinese homework. He also looks forward to his weekly class. After observing them for myself, it is clear that the teacher – Peiling – makes all the difference in the world. She has a genuine gift for teaching the language to children. In light of the growing importance of China in the global economy, there is no question that my son will have an extraordinary advantage over his peers, especially if he continues with his studies at Childnese. I recommend this program without reservation.

Nat Rockett

My three girls have been going to Childnese for a little over two years. It amazes me how much they have learned conversationally. Being in a 2nd generation ABC family they now speak to me more in Chinese than I speak to them. For certain phrases like thank you or can I have some juice or milk, speaking in Chinese has become the norm. I know many families who send their kids to traditional Chinese school and can barely speak. Childnese teaches in a way that engages the children and make it fun for them to learn, through, games, song and crafts. My children wake up in Saturday morning looking forward to going to Childnese.
I am so grateful for Peiling and Ellen in sharing their patience and love of teaching Chinese to my children.

Lisa Tung


My 5 year old son has been studying Chinese for 2 years. Our experience with the Childnese program is a world of a difference from the 2 programs he was in previously. He wakes up every morning asking if it’s Chinese school today. What more can a parent say about a program that makes learning fun and that the kids want to go everyday? The classes are small, the activities are engaging and the lessons are taught through storybooks, iPad slide shows and snack time. The audio slideshow lessons are also emailed to the parents so you can review or learn with them. Peiling, the director of Childnese is hands on with all the aspects of the program, she was readily available to answer all my concerns and flexible to make the schedule and program work for my child and me. I remember the end of the first class, as I approach the door for pick up, all I heard was laughter!! Childnese has made Chinese fun to learn and fun for my child to speak to me in Chinese!!

Chinese American mom


Childnese is such a great place to learn Mandarin. My son was enrolled there for the summer and he absolutely loved it. He received a lot of individual attention from his teachers which is important in learning a new language. The teachers were warm and caring. They made each class fun and entertaining. So much so that my son didn’t realize he was learning in the process. Also, I received updates after each class about his progress. The lead teacher kept an open communication line and sent pictures and voice recordings of my son speaking Mandarin. There’s not many Chinese schools that are like the one at Childnese! Thank you Childnese!! We can’t wait to be back.